Principal’s Welcome

Assalamu Alaykum, Dear Parents/ Caregivers,
Welcome to Garden College, a Reception to Year 12 Co-educational Islamic School that offers a broad and dynamic curriculum to students over 2 campuses located in Parafield Gardens and Davoren Park. Your child’s/ children’s journey in our school will be governed by good Islamic behaviour and code of conduct in addition to the policies and procedures as outlined in our information pack.

Our Mission 

Garden College fosters an environment where each student can explore his/her individual potential for academic excellence and personal achievement, while incorporating the tenets of Islam into their everyday learning experiences. 

Our Vision 

Raising thinkers and leaders who have confidence in their Australian-Muslim identity, with a deeply rooted motivation to actively do good in the world. 

Garden College has set goals that will enhance its mission and firmly connect it to the wider Australian community. At Garden College we aim to: 

  • Be innovative and responsive to the contemporary world through exploration and adoption of education strategies that enhance teaching and learning. 
  • Build a closer education partnership between parents, teachers, and students. We seek to have parents more closely involved in every facet of their child’s education and collectively demonstrate Garden College values. 
  • Meet the individual learning and development needs of each student. Every student deserves to be taught in a way that enables them to reach their potential in whichever area/s they excel. 
  • Use contemporary teaching tools and methods to better integrate Islam into our curriculum and co-curricular activities. We aim to enable our students to explore their understanding and practice of Islam and how they connect with it beyond the classroom and as part of Australian society. 
  • Naturally connect to the wider Australian community. We are taking on leadership projects, conducting community conversations, and joining programs that enable the community and the College to learn more about each other in a cooperative and mutually beneficial environment.   

We trust that we will work in partnership with you to give your child/ children the best possible academic social, emotional, and spiritual journey to achieve their optimum potential, Insha’Allah, Ameen!  

Thank you for entrusting your children in our care. We look forward to a fruitful partnership, Insha’Allah.   

Kind Regards,  

Dr Ahdielah Edries