Thank you for your interest in Garden College.

Since 2015 Garden College has provided challenging and coordinated programmes of the highest standard. We look forward to showing you all Garden College has to offer and the value we place on making each student’s time with us a happy, rich and rewarding one.

RECEPTION 2023 Vacancies full. No Expression of Interest can be taken at this time.

Please contact our Admin office at (08) 8285 3975 to enquire about other level vacancies for 2023.


Your guide to the educational year at Garden College is ready.

  • Message from the Principal
  • Academic Year Fees schedule
  • Bus Fee schedule
  • Uniform Price List
  • Parent Code of Conduct
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Duty of Care
  • Child Safe Policy – updated 2023
  • Student Well-being and Behaviour Management Policy
  • Bullying Prevention Policy
  • Mobile phones and Social Media Policies
  • Complaint Management