Primary school

Garden College is an independent Reception – Year 12 Islamic School. The primary school curriculum consists of eight key learning areas which include: English, Mathematics, HASS (Humanities and Social Science) and Science, Information Communications Technology (integrated into other learning areas), Art, Health and Physical Education and Languages Other than English (Arabic and Turkish). Islamic and Quran’ic Studies are also taught and make up the co-curricular priorities at our school.

At Garden College, the Curriculum is developed with the usage of Scope and Sequences which are directly derived from the Australian Curriculum. The Islamic and Quran’ic Studies Curriculum content is developed by a committee of teachers from the school. Garden College is transitioning towards adopting the General Capabilities in the Islamic Studies Curriculum from 2019 onwards. For elaborations of topics on the Scope and Sequence, teachers and parents are asked to refer to the 8.3 version of the ACARA website for the Australian Curriculum.

Secondary school | Years 7 – 10

Garden College offers a healthy and secure academic environment for students to excel and achieve their best with an emphasis on each student attaining excellence. Garden College students are held accountable for their learning, and regular feedback is provided to parents in the form of regular letters going home, phone calls, parent-teacher interviews and information nights.

 The College provides a curriculum program for students, which is stimulating and hands-on. Garden College runs five period days with one hour periods. This allows students to have more hands-on time within the classroom, where active learning takes place.

The program provides:

  • A nurturing and safe school environment where students become confident learners.
  • Students exploration and encourage one another’s learning.
  • A broad range of quality elective programs allowing students to take a personal interest in different areas of their learning.
  • Emphasis on catering for the various learning styles of the students and developing a hands-on program where all students are engaged.
  • An extensive co-curricular program to foster the development of the whole person.
  • EALD and special needs programs to support those students in need.

Garden College offers many subjects in each year level and all core subjects are based on the Australian Curriculum. Academic competitions are constantly being offered such as Big Science Competition. Furthermore, committees, clubs and lunchtime activities are offered to students throughout the week. Moreover, Garden College gives students a chance to participate in different workshops offered by universities to improve their academic levels and extend their learning. Overall students are encouraged to achieve their best and become confident individuals.

SACE | Years 11-12

The SACE Board of South Australia is an independent statutory authority of the South Australian Government. It is responsible for the accreditation of subjects, the recognition of learning and the assessment of student learning that contribute to meeting the completion requirements of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Garden College is proud to have a strong partnership with the SACE board. We are committed to working hand in hand with the board to provide our students with the best educational opportunities this state can offer. The SACE itself is an internationally recognised accreditation and is accepted at Universities around the world.

By completing the SACE, our students prepare for further learning, work, and life, by:

  • building essential skills and knowledge
  • making informed choices about future study and work, based on their strengths and interests
  • gaining a certificate that gives them a head-start on their pathway beyond school

We have a dedicated SACE and VET Coordinator who will work for hand in hand with both students and parents to plan an educational path that will help them achieve academic success during their SACE journey.

The school is proud to offer a wide selection of SACE accredited subjects in both Stage 1 (Year 11) and Stage 2 (Year 12).  Our subjects are taught by passionate and experienced teachers, with consideration to our Islamic ethos.

The SACE subjects we currently offer to our SACE students are:

  • Biology
  • Business Innovation
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • English as an Additional Language
  • General Mathematics
  • Information Technology Processing and Publishing
  • Integrated Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Research Project
  • Society and Culture