In Digital Technology various tasks/ project were undertaken by different year levels. Continuing our association with Grok Learning (Designed by University of Sydney, a learning management resource system used extensively all over Australia and all aligned to ACARA Digital Technology outcomes).

What is Web.Comp?
Web.Comp is a web design competition for school students. it teaches students how to build a website as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already.

This was a 4-week series of challenges where students learnt as they go along. Each week students followed interactive notes with the information to complete web design challenges. Students earned points for completing problems as they solved and acquired different website design skills.

Why learn Web design?

Every time you use the web, you’re seeing HTML and CSS. We use websites every day. Creating a functional and well-designed website is one of the most useful technical skills you can learn.
Web.Comp teaches you HTML and CSS, the powerful building blocks needed to build a website from scratch. Learning to write HTML and CSS by hand gives you full control over the look and interactivity of your site, so you can implement your web designs exactly as you imagined them!

Year 7’s learnt the basics of HTML by typing code on plain notepad and created their first webpage for a cartoon character of their choice. While Year 8s & 9s followed the programming exercises on Grok Learning and learned to fix issues on HTML and CSS based web pages. Next step would be to introduce some interactivity on the websites by using a scripting language like JavaScript.

Year 10s kept working on python programming but this time they were programming a micro Bit a tiny computer in a virtual environment on Grok Learning.

Mr Habib
Digi Tech Teacher