The Healthy Breakfast – DP Campus 20th June 2023

Rise and Shine, High Schoolers! ☀️

We kicked off the day with an incredible breakfast initiative at our Secondary Campus on the 20th of June, and the energy was simply electric! ⚡️

Picture this: we started the morning with a valuable learning module aimed at addressing the importance of eating breakfast for our cognitive, academic, Islamic and wellbeing perspective. 🍳🥞🥐🍇

Our dedicated team of volunteers came together to create a mouth-watering spread that fueled both body and mind. Keeping this in mind, it has been noticed that many kids come to school without having had a nourished breakfast, and this has a trickle down effect on their learning and engagement in classes. We firmly believe that a good breakfast is the key to a successful day, and today, we laid the foundation for greatness! 🙌

Not only did our students enjoy a delicious feast, but they also had the opportunity to connect with their peers, teachers, and staff members in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Breakfast is more than just food—it’s a chance to build relationships and foster a sense of community. 🍴❤️

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Together, we’re nourishing minds and spirits, empowering our students to reach for the stars! 🌟

We can’t wait to impress the younger students with round #2 of a healthy breakfast initiative on the 5th of July! 🎉🥣

Remember, breakfast is the first step towards a day filled with endless possibilities. Let’s rise and shine together, Garden College! 😊🌺

Ms Bahwach
Student Well-being Coordinator | Secondary Campus

Ms Zulpar
School Counsellor

Ms Fitema
School Admin