Principal Letter End of Term 3, Newsletter v2

As-salaamu ‘alaykum,

Respected Parents & Caregivers

All praises are due to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala our greatest Sovereignty. May Peace & Blessings be on our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ his family & companions, Ameen.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow” – John Dewey

Alhumdulilah, as Term 3 concludes we reflect on our educational practices and our endeavours to instil 21st century skills in our students through emphasis on our instructional plans that focused on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to prepare our students for the future.

Through various activities our objective has been to train our students minds being capable of doing/learning new things; striving to attain their optimum potential.

I am very grateful to each of my teachers who understand that children learn differently, and that instruction must be geared to the various learning styles in each classroom wherever possible. As such, we are proud of our students’ efforts in ‘everything that they have done this term’ from the Premiers Spelling Bee competition, Islamic Quiz competition, Quran competition, Book Week Drama presentations, Poetry competition to the ‘R U OK Day’ Activities.

We are especially proud of the fantastic results in the 2022 NAPLAN assessment across our school. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant that these efforts will be a steppingstone to their future career endeavours, Ameen.

We sincerely thank our parents who contribute constantly to these processes of developing responsible and well-rounded students who will be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and anticipation.

A special thank you to each of our students who embody the values of respect, kindness, honesty, responsibility, tolerance & citizenship, clearly evident in our school environment.

May we always remember Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and be Grateful to Him for all His Favours bestowed on us, Ameen.

I wish all my students, parents & staff an amazing break & look forward to embracing Term 4 with vigour & achieving our targets for the remainder of this year In Sha Allah.


Dr Ahdielah Edries

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