Primary School

The primary school curriculum consists of eight key learning areas which include: English, Mathematics, HASS (Humanities and Social Science) and Science, Information Communications Technology (integrated into other learning areas), Art, Health and Physical Education and Languages Other than English (Arabic and Turkish).Islamic and Quran’ic Studies are also taught and make up the co-curricular priorities at our school.

At Garden College, the Curriculum is developed with the usage of Scope and Sequences which are directly derived from the Australian Curriculum. The Islamic and Quran’ic Studies Curriculum content is developed by a committee of teachers from the school. Garden College is transitioning towards adopting the General Capabilities in the Islamic Studies Curriculum from 2019 onwards. For elaborations of topics on the Scope and Sequence, teachers and parents are asked to refer to the 8.3 version of the ACARA website for the Australian Curriculum.